Graphene Production

Founded in 2015, GRAPHENE PRODUCTION is the largest european producer with a 90 tons/year production capacity.
GRAPHENE PRODUCTION is also an engineering company with its fully equipped laboratory. Present in 40 countries through its distributors, GRAPHENE PRODUCTION aim to be the world leader and lead the graphene revolution.

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The wonder material

Theorized in the middle of the 20th century but deemed impossible, graphene was isolated in 2004 thanks to a scotch tape and a pencil lead. These discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. It is the first two-dimensional material and its extraordinary properties have earned it the nickname “wonder material »

200 times stronger than steel

Nos gas or liquid can cross it

electrically and thermally
10 times more conductive than copper
5 times more conductive than diamond

Composed of 100% carbon, graphene is non-poluting

Antibacterial, inert,  hard as diamond, flexible, UV protection, fire retardant, lightweight, transparent, hydrophobic, electromagnetic protection.

Use of Graphene

Graphene as an additive

Between 0,01% and 3%

Possibility to improve several properties

Extrusion/injection, Spray Coatings, Compound, Plating, Etc.

Polymers, Metal, Ceramics, Etc

Customer Benefits

Graphene can provide a significant improvement in properties to solve technical issues current materials cannot solve

As an early adopter of graphene, customer can benefit from new performances that their competitors cannot match with current materials.

The exceptional properties of graphene make it possible to optimize the materials, the loads and the processes for a better yield.

Graphene by its characteristics and its biocompatibility can offer new efficient solutions compliant with the regulations.

Fields of application

Graphene a multifunctional material

  • Coatings
  • Construction
  • Polymers
  • Lubricant
  • Composites
  • Building and Civil Works
  • Energy Storage
  • Electronic

Origin and creation

Discovery of graphene with tape and pencil

The founder learns the existence of graphene and starts working on the project

The Nobel Prize goes to the discoverer of graphene

Project launch, fundraising and team recruitment


GRAPHENE PRODUCTION becomes the European leader in graphene

Our Services

  • Mass production
  • High quality
  • Low prices
  • Possibility to propose in solvant
  • Support to formulation and prototyping
  • Respect of customer process
  • Possibilty of product characterisation

An Innovative
Production method

Mass Production

GRAPHENE PRODUCTION has a capacity of 90 tons per year, which is 90 times higher than its European competitors.

Respect the environment

A production method that uses no polluting solvent, very low in energy consumption and without any loss of raw material

Compatible Industry

GRAPHENE PRODUCTION offers the lowest prices on the market which makes graphene compatible with industrial projects

Highest quality

GRAPHENE PRODUCTION has developed its method to obtain the best graphene quality in thickness, size, defects and purity

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