What is graphene?


Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial“honeycomb” structure. A graphene layer is therefore one atom thick. Its properties are yet exceptional.



  • Graphene is the thinnest material known and most robust, harder than diamond, and 200 times stronger than steel: the weight of an elephant balancing on a needle is needed to break this one-atom thick layer.
  • However, it is very flexible and elastic: graphene may extend up to 20% of its length.
  • Graphene is a superconductor even at room temperature. It leads more easily and more quickly than copper, and a million times the current density.
  • Graphene conducts heat more than 5,000 W / meter Kelvin, much better than any other carbon structures such as carbon nanotubes, graphite and diamond.
  • Graphene absorbs only 2.3% of the incident light, which makes it more transparent than anything else.
  • Graphene is the most impermeable atomic layer, leaving no liquid or no gas through it.


it is also:

  • hydrophobic
  • fire retardant
  • lubricant
  • Hard as diamond
  • Bio compatible
  • Anti corrosion
  • Anti bacterial
  • It protects from electromagnetic waves and UV.


Graphene can be used as a filler (between 0.01% and 3%) in all materials.